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A Clothing, Diaper, & Supply Resource
for Foster Families

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The Chaos Closet was created out of necessity; to be a resource for area foster parents to utilize while caring for our community's most vulnerable youth. We're a 100% volunteer and donation-driven non-profit organization so we only exist through the generosity of our supporters! Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to meeting the needs of children in foster care in Missouri's 37th Judicial Circuit.

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In the state of Missouri, children in foster care qualify for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children). But what if you accept a placement into your home on the weekend or after their office hours? We can help you meet that need for the child in your home and bridge that gap until you're able to get established with WIC.


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"This has been a huge blessing when placed with children that come with nothing, especially during the COVID crisis. Thank you for all you do to support the foster families and the special hearts we take in."

Jennifer S.

"The Chaos Closet has been so helpful to me as a Social Worker. So many times we have had kids with a need and DeeDee and her team have stepped up and filled the gap. I couldn't do my job so well without the help from this organization!"

Holly L.

"The Chaos Closet helped us when we unexpectedly got a new placement. They helped give us what we needed to make sure the kiddo had everything he needed to settle in. I'm so grateful for them."

Carly A.

"Took some children into our care this weekend. They didn't have much when they came, but Ed and DeeDee were able to get us some beds and clothing to help us out. The kids were so excited. I'm so grateful for The Chaos Closet being here to help."

Tellcy O.

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Interested in becoming a foster parent? CLICK HERE!

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