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On top of meeting everyday needs, The Chaos Closet is making more of a lasting impact than ever before through the grant-funded programs listed below. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to create an impact.


With funding proudly received through a grant from Heart of the Ozarks United Way, The Chaos Closet will build a safe-sleep library of items consisting of cribs, crib mattresses, crib sheets, and bassinets to lend to foster families to promote safe-sleep practices. 

  • Items will be "checked out" by foster families to use in caring for children in foster care. 

  • Once the child outgrows the item or reunification occurs, items will be returned to The Chaos Closet to be cleaned, sanitized, and returned to our library of safe-sleep gear in preparation for the next foster family. 

  • The safe-sleep items through this initiative will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. 



Because children often enter foster care with only the clothing on their backs, the need for clean, new underwear for each child is one that is often overlooked and remains the one item always in short supply. The goal of this project is to ensure every local child in foster care has access to the dignity of clean underwear. Through the Undies for All initiative, we can promote better personal hygiene and recognize the importance of this basic need as part of a foster child’s success. Through funding received through Community Foundation of West Plains, The Chaos Closet will secure brand new underwear for children in foster care to ensure this very basic need is met.

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New, clean bedding often does not accompany a child when being placed in a foster home. Thanks to a grant from Always a Future for Kids (AFK), we are changing that! This funding is used to purchase twin and full size comforter sets, sheets, and pillows to provide to children in foster care in need of bedding to call their own. Thank you to AFK and their board of directors for recognizing this need!

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