We get it. We understand the challenge of accepting a placement only to find out they're coming to you with just the clothing on their backs. When we welcomed two older boys into our home, we needed to provide entire wardrobes, shoes, pajamas, underwear, coats, and school supplies. And the clothing allowance provided to children in foster care only goes so far. It was a struggle.  After some research, we quickly learned there was not a resource for foster parents within 100 miles and, being as I was raised to "see a need, fill a need", The Chaos Closet was born. Since then, we've distributed countless diapers, numerous cans of formula, safe sleeping items, car seats, high chairs, and endless articles of clothing. We firmly believe that if we remove every barrier a foster parent will encounter when welcoming a child into their home, it will lead to better care and greater outcomes for the child. Want to join us on our mission?